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me and asobu. all yohji yamamoto pour homme.
I am constantly asked “what’s he like?”
And they expect a short simple answer, so I use simple words.
“He’s great. He makes me very happy.”
If I spat out every word that came to my mind when I am asked about you, the world would drown in all of my metaphors before it could even begin to swallow what I feel.
They way I think of you is not a concept that is “simple.”
You are goodness, you are truth, you are salvation.
You are a Sunday morning hymn.
You are my childhood in my grandfather’s garden.
I bloom at your fingertips and I grow with every word you speak.
I am entirely engulfed by the wave of your existence and I have not once considered swimming to shore.
You are light.
You warmth.
You are all.
That is as simple as I can make it.
written by O.F (via sleepxqueen)


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Patrick Joust 
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Sergey Neamoscou
I felt a tremendous distance between me and everything real.
written by Hunter S. Thompson (via holmyhan)

(元記事: delicatelybruised (sinneloosから))

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Christopher Vaughn
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